All About Jasi…


What's At the Top of the Stairs?

I write Dark Urban Fantasy set in the not too distant future in California’s Central Valley.

Most of this springs from one WICKED hot summer day spent driving up and down highway 99.  “This place could be Hell on Earth,” I thought. And, I just kept thinking it for the next few years as the story took shape (it was a big story!) and the characters popped in and out of my head and scenes appeared before my eyes and then, drifted away.

And, my mind turned towards the UnderGround and the things I’d witnessed during that long drive with no air conditioning in the car and the stink of the fields and the dogs, lying on their sides, swollen and buzzing with flies.


I’m in the  final draft of the latest unpublished novel, now.

And, I swear this time, I’m going to be published.

all photos and images are the property of jasilandia and may not be copied or reproduced without written permission.


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